Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas Dinner 2005

OK - here's the Christmas dinner plans:

Beth will be making lasagna, enchiladas, beef vegetable soup (or maybe chili), corn, cookies & desserts
Joe will be making rotel & cheese, ham roll ups and cheese and crackers
Rich will be making mashed potatoes if he wants them
Danny will be doing chicken wings

Edie & Mike are picking up Chicken Shack for us and Edie is making some of her wonderful jello

We were hoping we could count on Tommy for some of his famous beans

Beth is looking forward to Steve's peppers (no double entendre intended)

Do we need a Honeybaked Ham (Nick?) ?

We were hoping we could find people for the following items:

Another appetizer or 2
Hot vegetable (?)
2 Green Salads

2 Pasta Salads
vegetable Tray & Dip
Bread / Rolls

We have a coffee pot and coffee but . . . we don't know how to make coffee so we'll need someone to do that for us (Mike - pretend it's a barbecue and just take it over)

We don't do wine. The last time we drank wine was 1983 At Pine Knob (and it was still called Pine Knob at that time). It came in a big green gallon bottle. Cost $8.99. If our memory serves us, it was quite tasty. Then again, we were just seventeen and happy to have any alcohol.

We'll have beer (Labatts, Bud & Busch Light, no?) and soda (90% Coke - 10% Pepsi). If you all want wine we ask that you bring it yourselves. You can't trust us to pick it.

We ask that you use the comment feature to post your comments online so we all can see who is doing what. Thank you


peggy said...

thankyou edie for your jello----do you think one will be enough?

I will plan on making an appetizer or two.......

steve will do the peppers!

Anonymous said...

joe and beth,
what time are we gathering??

joe.mares said...

gathering is half past chicken wings . . . anytime after the chicken wing et together would be fine . . . 2-3-4 o'clock is fine . . . whenever . . .

beth said...

we were costcoing today and joe will pick up a fruit and veggie tray on saturday....